Beverley has extensive experience as Curator of Pictorial Collection at the National Railway Museum from 1986 until 2004. She was responsible for the care of posters, paintings, prints and drawings in the National Railway Museumís unique collections. Beverley managed the efficient development, care and conservation of these collections and enabled intellectual and physical access and research into these collections including major National and international exhibitions.

The National Railway Museumís pictorial and poster collections are one of the most significant in any peer museum and she is the acknowledged expert. These collections are a unique resource for a range of users from international art curators to the general public at all levels.

Beverley has managed a number of external exhibition projects:

  • Images of the Railways and Photography 1984
  • NRM Poster Exhibition. Musee Francais du Chemin de Fer, Mulhouse, 1986
  • The Railway Poster in Britain :Excursion for History and Culture Tokyo Station Gallery 1997
  • Terence Cuneo Exhibition, 1997
  • Hitchcock and Art: Fatal Coincidences. Montreal Museum of Modern Art 2000
  • Railways in Art: Inventing The Modern. Tokyo Station Art Gallery 2003

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