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National Railway Museum digital themed exhibitions written and selected by Beverley Cole:

Railway Posters
Railway Posters
South For Sunshine
South For Sunshine
John Cooke Bourne
John Cooke Bourne


As well as numerous articles and reviews, Beverley has authored and co-authored several books in the area of Railway Posters and History.

Trains, The Early Years (2005)
Along Artistic Lines: two centuries of railway art (2003)
Speed to the West: GWR Publicity (2000)
South for Sunshine: Southern Railway Publicity 1923-1947 (1999)
YORK Through the Eyes of the Railways (1994)
Railway Posters, 1923-1947 (1992)
Happy as a Sand Boy: Early Railway Posters (1990)

January 2006
ISBN 3833113553
352 pages

Trains, The Early Years
Beverley Cole

This is a magnificent volume, its 340-plus glossy pages packed with stunning monochrome illustrations of the pioneering days of rail travel.

The pictures, all from the Getty Archive, are reproduced in such loving detail that you taste the steam and hear the porter's cry.

Researching and writing the book has been a five-year labour of love for its author, York historian Beverley Cole.

The task was immense. She sifted through hundreds and hundreds of photographs to make her choice.

"The most exciting thing for me was searching through the Hulton Getty picture library and realising that the photographs I was handling were actually taken by someone who witnessed the event, whether it was the General Strike, a royal funeral or war."

[Extract from a review in Yorkshire Evening Press by Chris Titley, November 2005.]

October 2003
Great Northern Books
ISBN 1 902827 10 4
laminated jacket

Along Artistic Lines: Two Centuries of Railway Art
Beverley Cole and the Guild of Railway Artists

"Published to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the first steam locomotive to run on rails (Richard Trevithick's Penydarren), this handsome and important book is a remarkable collaboration between the National Railway Museum and the Guild of Railway Artists. It reproduces some of the finest work from the NRM's art collection, including paintings by Terence Cuneo, David Shepherd, Cuthbert Hamilton Ellis and the aclaimed poster artist Tom Purvis.

An inspired text by Beverley Cole, Curator of the NRM's Pictorial Collections, reviews railway art over the last two centuries. Her account ranges from the earliest paintings, depicting railways as symbolic of man's depravity, through to contemporary studies of Eurostar and other high-speed trains."

Capital Transport Publishing
ISBN 1854142283

Speed to the West: GWR Publicity
Aldo Delicata, Beverley Cole

Capital Transport Publishing
ISBN 1854142135

South for Sunshine: Southern Railway Publicity 1923-1947
Tony Hillman, Beverley Cole

YORK through the Eyes of the Railways

The National Railway Museum
ISBN 1 872826 05 9

YORK Through the Eyes of the Railways
Written by Beverley Cole, Edited by Christine Heap

This book draws from the 7,000 railway posters in the collection of the National Railway Museum to reproduce 29 featuring York. Alongside the selected posters is a photograph, for comparative posters, of the same view in York today. The juxtaposition of photograph and poster illustrates how the poster artist composed the views, changing the perspective as necessary, for maximum artistic effect.

Railway Posters, 1923-1947

Publisher: Laurence King Publishing ISBN 1856690148

Railway Posters, 1923-1947
Beverley Cole, Richard Durack

"The National Railway Museum in York has a large and varied collection of railway art and artefacts; this books shows over 200 of the best posters dating from the railways' heyday prior to nationalization. In this period, renowned poster artists of the calibre of Edward McKnight Kauffer, Tom Purvis and Cassandre were commissioned by the railway groups to promote not only their lines but also the most beautiful and appealing cities and towns in their areas for tourists to visit. The railway companies virtually invented the "package tour", and promoted it intensively not only in the UK but also in the USA. The introduction explains the history of the companies during the period covered, and examines their attitudes to poster advertising. The book is then divided into four sections, one for each of the railway groups: the resulting selection makes an analysis of poster art in the UK in its "golden age" of the Twenties and Thirties. Extended captions explain the context of the works, and information about the artists is provided. The authors are on the curatorial staff of the National Railway Museum, York. "

The Stationery Office Books
ISBN 0112904882

Happy as a Sand Boy: Early Railway Posters
Beverley Cole

"This book illustrates the development of the advertising poster with 48 colour plates taken from the national railway museum's collection. From humble beginnings, where the quality of design often depended on the printers, who used stock views and cheap illustrations, to the work of well-known artists commissioned by advertising managers with big budgest. "Happy As A Sand-Boy" follows the competition and rivalry of the railway companies and their changing attitudes to advertising over half a century from the 1870s to the 1920s"


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